Do you believe in dishKarma? My Ultimate Meal with Wine Pairings

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Hello Vino has participated in a few expos, attended some conferences, and presented our work to industry folks interested in mobile. We met Brady Sadler and Justin Griffin of dishKarma at the 2010 Boston Wine Expo and chatted about food, wine, and business.

Dish Karma

The dishKarma goal is to improve individual dining experiences by developing a unique recommendation engine that takes the guesswork out of not only where to eat, but more importantly what to order. You begin by creating your personal menu through the dishKarma site or mobile application. Add as many of your favorite dishes as you can remember, course by course, from restaurants around the world. Each time you experience a remarkable new dish, add it to your menu so you can share and compare it with others. Your menu will constantly evolve based on new discoveries and suggestions from the dishKarma community. Say you’re wandering the streets and want a burger. You could stop someone on the street, search Google on your cell or tap into a restaurant review site…or…try dishKarma which will suggest the best place to find that burger based on the dishes you’ve enjoyed in the past, or offer recommendations from your friends and community members.

A cool little fact about this service: GiveBackAmerica.org will donate one meal to Feeding America for every five dishes, aka one meal, that you upload to dishKarma.

The dishKarma blog offers short videos of chefs, foodies, and personalities sharing their “Ultimate Meal.” Past videos include Gary Vaynerchuk, KISS 108 radio personality and host of TV Diner, Billy Costa…and Hello Vino :)

My Ultimate Meal with Wine Pairings:

Bread, Cheese and olive oil – Countryside farmhouse, Florence, Italy
Wine Pairing: Chianti

Mushroom Risotto - Brookstone Grill, Derry, New Hampshire
Wine Paiting: Dry Merlot

Pad Tai and Sushi - Ruby Foo’s Time Square, NYC
Wine Pairing:
Semi-Dry Riesling

Porterhouse steak and creamed spinach – Gibbet Hill Grill, Groton, MA
Wine Pairing:
Pinot Noir

Table-side s’mores - Unwine’d, Vancouver, BC
Wine Pairing:
Cabernet Sauvignon

Jim from Hello Vino


Wine Cocktails - How to Make a Wine Cocktail with Pinot Grigio or Chianti

Summer is technically over, but there are still a few weekends left with beautiful weather to enjoy some wine outside on the patio, on the front porch, or at a barbecue with friends.  If you’d like to try something different, here are a few wine cocktails from Ecco Domani, and our friend Derrick with the Common Man Cocktails video podcast shows you how to make them.

Pinot Grigio Wine Cocktail - The Ecco Freddo

Some muddled watermelon and a little Pineapple juice make you go for seconds for this tasty Pinot Grigio cocktail. View the Recipe

Pinot Grigio Wine Cocktail - The Vita Domani

The exotic flavor of lychee juice (or pineapple juice) with muddled red grapes and a splash of lemon juice provide a ton of island flavor in this wine cocktail. View the Recipe

Chianti Wine Cocktail - The Ecco Cioccolato

And for dessert, a lovely mix of raspberries and chocolate will give you a new perspective on Chianti. View the Recipe

While you can certainly enjoy a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio on its own, or have a food-friendly Chianti with a pasta dinner, hopefully these wine cocktails make the weekend even more enjoyable for you.

Hello Vino