Pulled Off The Road & Stumbled Upon a Winery in New Hampshire. Wait… what?

Rick from Hello Vino was visiting the east coast for the Boston Marathon not too long ago (brother and Dad actually ran the 26.2 miles). While Rick was in town, we managed to get a few Hello Vino work days in, and instead of showing up with coffee one morning, he arrived with 4 bottles of wine… from a vineyard… located in New Hampshire!  Rick just happened to stumble upon while driving, popped in unexpectedly, and was treated great. Pretty cool.

The Vineyard: Fulchino Vineyard in Hollis, NH

Located at the lowest point in Hollis’ Pine Hill Valley, their level vineyard is a quiet place. It is peaceful yet full of nature’s tugs and pulls. You may stop by and experience the fruits of a tradition handed down through the generations starting in Gesualdo, Italy, and enjoy a Fulchino Vineyard Signature Blend Moment. The winery is open daily, and you can stop in or call ahead.

Pictured: Bud break in the vineyard on a Frontenac grape vine

Fulchino offers Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Barbera, La Prima Frutta (white wine), and signature blends that happen to be top secret.

Concerning the blends, Fulchino describes them as:
A special blend of grapes that have come together. These wines will cellar easily for several or more years. And as they age, the complexity of tastes and aromas will come more to the forefront and grow in intensity. These blends are something that Fulchino Vineyard have worked on for quite some time.”

The following blends are meant to be enjoyed before, during, or after dinner.

Mirabella: whether poured straight from the bottle or decanted, the taste and aroma is unbelievable. Silky smooth with vanilla.

Vivace: bright, lively and spirited. Cenare (the King): flavors are full of spices, sweet black cherries, currants, a hint of chocolate, and even some orange peel. Notes of leather and dried fruits cover the entire mouth.

My wife and I recently tried the Fulchino Sangiovese. We were surprised at how velvety smooth the wine was, and we really enjoyed it. However, buckle up… We finished the bottle, then realized the ABV was 16.3% !! Good food pairings for the Fulchino wines…
or the ones where we know the grape ; )

Zinfandel: Pepperoni Pizza or some Guacamole Barbera: Veal Scallopini or some Fontina Cheese

Sangiovese: Burgers with Onions & Mushrooms or some Kasseri Cheese

The Hello Vino Team