Impromptu Wine Tasting Party

Friday’s can be tough after a long day at work right? We we’re having a slow night with no major plans, and instead of meeting a few friends for some drinks at a local bar, we invited them over and asked them to grab a bottle of wine on the way. We ended up with 2 red wines, 1 white, and low and behold… a dessert wine to cap it off! Since we had a nice variety, we snagged some crackers we had on hand in our cabinet (to help cleanse the palate throughout the process). We opened each bottle of wine and started tasting… then tried to guess what we had in our glass. Long story short… we did pretty good! Anywho… this was a nice impromptu wine tasting party to kick off the weekend and a nice change of pace. Since we flew through these bottles of wine, were now off to order some cheese pizza and grab a bottle of Barbera to finish the night.

Keep Sipping,