Improving Hello Vino (Vintank’s Pulse Report)

Hello Vino was recently profiled in a white paper published by VinTank - a Napa-based digital think tank that “creates innovative, strategic online solutions for selling and marketing wine in the digital age.”  Their Pulse reports are published periodically, and typically cover trends and technologies that impact the wine industry.

In their report, VinTank highlighted the features of the Hello Vino wine pairing and suggestion service, as well as providing some insight on how we could improve.  While VinTank took a neutral to positive position on Hello Vino, they candidly addressed what we could do better to help consumers have a smooth, positive wine-puchasing experience.

On behalf of the Hello Vino team, I’d like to publicly thank VinTank for their valuable reports.  In addition to publishing their detailed white papers for free, they have the best interests in mind for both consumers and wineries.  These reports motivate companies like ours to continually improve their products for wine consumers, while also highlighting new methods for wineries to promote their brands.

In the spirit of improvement, what would you like to see added to Hello Vino?  Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading,

Rick from Hello Vino