Easter Dinner: Wine Pairing for Ham

Hey Everyone,

Even though we’ll be diving into plenty of chocolate for Easter, many of us will be visiting the family and there’s a good chance Ham will be on the table.

If you would like to pair some wine with Ham, plan to counter the smoky salt in the meat. Since ham is generally medium bodied, we have some room to play concerning a wine selection.

Ham = always salty with occasional sweetness we place on the outside (honey or brown sugar). We should also keep spice in mind.

Our recommendation is to go with a light, fruity wine that offers low tannin. For red lovers, Beaujolais or a fruit forward Pinot Noir would be perfect. Those who enjoy white wine could open a nice Riesling.

Another winner would be a crisp Rosé with it’s juicy flavors, or maybe even a Rosé Champagne with great fruits, good acid, a light body, and virtually no tannin whatsoever.

A bonus varietal that’s in the Hello Vino food and wine pairing service is Cerdon Du Bugey (Sehr-dawN deh Boo-zhay). This sweet, tart, sparkling wine has amazing strawberry flavors… would taste great with Ham…and would be a cool bottle to bring to someone’s house for the holiday.

If you’re not into the varietals mentioned above, here are some other interesting choices you can try with Ham:Baked Ham
White… Vouvray (voo-VRAY): A wine with flavors of pear, fig, apple, & honey is a match.

Spicy Ham
Gamay (ga-MAY): A light red wine with flavors of strawberry and cherry is a match.Ham with Honey
Pinot Grigio (PEE-noh GREE-geo): A light white wine with crisp citrus flavor is a match.

Ham with Pineapple
Sauvignon Blanc: (SOH-vee-nyawn BLAHNGK) A light white wine with passion fruit is a match.

Ham with Mustard

Zinfandel (ZIHN-fuhn-dehl): A red wine with jammy fruit like blackberry is a match.I know what you’re thinking, it’s Easter, what wine goes with chocolate?

Maybe after eating some Ham… try pairing a Tawny Port or a Muscat for those milk chocolate bunny ears!Cheers!

Jim from Hello Vino