Popular Wine Pairing: Vouvray with Baked Ham

Hey Everybody,

We hope you had a nice weekend!

Hello Vino was getting a lot of food and wine pairing requests on the Web and  through all sorts of mobile devices over the holiday weekend which was awesome!  Hopefully we helped you find some great wine to share with your friends and family, or assisted you on the go.Top question: What wine goes with ham?

By far, the most popular result of the weekend was Vouvray with Baked Ham, followed by Pinot Noir as a close second. Other combinations such as spicy ham with Beaujolais, and Pinot Grigio for ham with honey trickled in as well. Pretty good options for some left-overs eh?Secondary question: What wine goes with lamb?

Some people opted for lamb this weekend. We noticed that Chinon, a light red wine with flavors of cassis and raspberries was the top result for dinners involving lamb…and that sounds pretty good to us!If you haven’t tried the Hello Vino food and wine pairings for yourself…try it  out at home, or while you’re on the go via your mobile device.
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Cheers!The Hello Vino Crew