Good “Earthy” Wines for Earth Day

So it’s April 22, 2009…Happy Earth Day everyone.

Since this day inspires awareness for the environment, I thought I’d
inspire you to try some “earthy” wines to celebrate!

Here are a couple reds and a Rosé for you to try.
We’d love to hear what you think if you try any of these varietals!Brunello: (broo-NELL-oh): A smooth red wine with flavors of chestnuts, plum,
and earth is a good match.
A nice food and wine pairing for Brunello is duck with garlic.

Pinot Noir: (PEE-noh NWAHR): A red wine with red berry, truffles,
& earth is a match. Do you like mushrooms on your pizza?
Pinot Noir is a nice wine pairing for mushroom pizzaEspumante: (ish-poo-MERN-teh): A sparkling Rose with strawberry
and earthy mushroom flavors is a good match.
Interestingly, Espumante is a flexible wine pairing thats tastes good
with a light white fish to a rich, greasy pork roast. I’m hungry now.

Primitivo: (pree-mee-TEE-voh): A red wine with some earth, spice,
& plum is a match. A nice wine pairing suggestion for Primitivo is dark chocolate.Vacquereyas: (va-keh-RAS): A red wine with flavors of raspberry, cherry,
& earth is a match. (grilled meats)
Food and wine pairing suggestion - your favorite grilled meat

Want to get fancy / worldly? Try tasting…

Château Haut Brion:
(sha-TOH oh-bree-OHN): A spicy red wine with
smoke, earth, currant, and cherry is a good match.
Have a good day…excuse me, Earth Day.

Jim from Hello Vino