Wine tasting and a cool wine event

Hey Everyone,

I hit a great event last weekend called Wine Riot hosted by The Second Glass
and The Weekly Digg in Boston.

Over 250 wines were featured in a snob free environment, they conducted
a Twitter tasting, offered tasty food and wine pairings, and had free crash
course seminars (even a special seminar night on organic and
biodynamic farming). Pretty cool!For those who feel overwhelmed at a big Expo, this is an event you should
toss on your calendar. The open, backstage vibe made it extremely easy
to taste wine and ask questions. You could mingle with other winos easily
at little round cocktail tables in the walking paths as well. Lastly, if you were
feeling a little silly, you could hit their prop filled photo booth, throw on a
feathered boa, and hold signs that read “perfectly aged,” or
"Life is a complicated drinking game." True that.

One wine I tasted stuck with me for a weird reason. After taking a sip,
the flavor of the wine tasted like blue cheese…it was crazy!Alert
Blue cheese lovers: Try M’hudi Pinotage. This wine has a unique
cheese finish and would be amazing with a burger. Now go hit the grill!

Stay tuned for another Riot (#2) happening September 25th and 26th
with even MORE crash course seminars and crazy photo booth action!Also…give the TheSecondGlass.com a look…very cool people, and
maybe Hello Vino and this crew make a rock star booth someday at
an event near you?

Jim from Hello Vino