How about a food and wine fiesta tonight? Cinco De Mayo pairings:


Happy Cinco De Mayo. Today is a great day to do something fun for dinner. Since it’s a Tuesday and many of us will not go out to tear it up - here are some simple food and wine pairings you can dive into at home.

Instead of giving recipes, all the food below is easily found on numerous food sites. The best part about it, many of the ingredients are probably in your kitchen already! All you may have to do is pick up the right bottle of wine and you’re good to go!Ideas for a little food and wine fiesta this eve:

So, what wine goes with quesadillas?Merlot: lush red wine with plum, black cherry, & caramel
Sauvignon Blanc: light white wine with passion fruit

Try a cool sparkling wine or a crisp Chardonnay
Lambrusco: sparkling wine with dark fruit & berries is a match.
Chardonnay: Fruit like apple, pear, and citrus make a ripe/taut wine
Pair Burritos or Tacos with wine? Yes!

For Seasoned Beef:
Riesling: sweet wine with peach & orange blossom
Gewürztraminer: dry wine with lychee nuts and fruit For Seasoned Chicken:
If spicy - Pinot Gris: white wine with flavors of citrus, pear, & honey
If cheesy - a fruity Zinfandel: red wine with jammy fruit like blackberry

Mexican Dip
So, what wine goes with Mexican Dip?Dry Rosé: dry, pink wine with flavors of strawberry, watermelon & cherry
Viognier: dry white wine with peach & apricot flavor

So, what wine goes with guacamole?Dry Riesling: dry wine with flavors of peach & orange blossom
Rosé: pink wine with flavors of wild strawberry, watermelon & cherry
Zinfandel: red wine with jammy fruit like blackberry

Jim from Hello Vino