Find out how to cure the Wine Flu

Alert: It has been reported that a potential global outbreak of Wine Flu is happening. The strain of this sickness originated in multiple wine regions across the world and is highly contagious among friends in social settings. Do you have these symptoms?

1. Fever (for more wine)

2. Cough (to hide the sound of another bottle being opened)

3. H1N1 now reminds you of a bottle’s vintage

4. chills (on your hands from a chilled bottle of bubbly)

5. Fatigue or Tiredness (it’s being confused with calm relaxation)
Prognosis: You most likely have the Wine Flu - may be a good thing

Action you should take:

1. Feed the cold with good food and wine pairings (comfort food)

2. Clear your head by sniffing the aroma of wine

3. Get together with friends for support and ride it out

Feed that cold!

Mac & Chesse: Go for a crisp Chardonnay or a fruit forward Cab

Chicken Soup: Grab a Chenin Blanc or a fruity Pinot Noir

Popcorn: Try Sancerre or Blanc de Blanc

Chocolate Ice Cream: No question, Madeira

Vanilla Ice Cream: Sherry (maybe even pour it on top)

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The Hello Vino Team