Graduate to a new level of wine

First off, I’d like to quickly share some personal thoughts.

This past weekend I graduated from Boston University with a
Master of Science in Advertising. I’d like to take this time to
sincerely thank my friends and family who have supported me
the whole way through. My wife, Laura, who has inspired me
from day one to pursue this degree, has always offered valuable
advice, guidance, and support. In addition, with the weekend
workloads and time away at class, her patience and
understanding over the last year has been amazing and I
appreciate it beyond words. My parents, sister, brother-in-law,
and in-laws have been a source of encouragement, listened
to many stories, and some even donated their time to help launch
Hello Vino back in January. My best man from my wedding even
wanted to be at my graduation ceremony. I consider myself very
lucky, and to those reading this…thank you for everything.

HelloVino.com is a company and service I believe in, and I am
honored to be sharing this excitement with two of the best people
I’ve ever worked with. My close friend and colleague Rick Breslin
has always been understanding, hard-working, thoughtful, and
presents me with opportunities I cannot thank him enough for.
Rick is a large part of why I’m where I am today. In addition, I have
the pleasure of working with Chris Mitchell who constantly impresses
me with his work ethic, his durability in Boston’s cold weather, and
for just being someone I’m glad I’ve gotten to know - thank you guys.So…as these thoughts raced through my mind at commencement
Saturday night, I had 2 and a 1/2 hours for random thoughts as well
while each person’s name was read.

  • I wonder if I can get the speaker to say
    "owner of Hello Vino dot com" after reading my name
    on stage? I tried. No soup.
  • Can I get my row to play with Hello Vino since they’re
    all texting friends in the audience?

  • How about, what wine goes with graduation?

Let’s stay away from Dom Perignon and talk about some more attainable bottles that impress at any celebratory occasion!
Blanc de Blanc (BLAHNGKS duh BLAHNGK): Champagne made from Chardonnay grapes which is pretty cool

Cerdon Du Bugey (Sehr-dawN deh Boo-zhay): Sweet, tart, strawberry sparkling wine with a fancy name you like to say over and overCremant (kray-MAHN): A sparkling wine with aromas of red fruit, apricot, and almonds and loved by many

Frizzante (freet-TSAHN-teh): Sparkling wine that is less effervescent than Champagne is a match. Frizzy!Prosecco (proh-SEHK-koh): Sparkling wine that’s slightly bitter and rocks the casbah

Lambrusco (lam-BROOS-koh): A sparkling wine with dark fruit & berries is an interesting combo with bubbles
Try one of these gems above and you can move your wine tassel to the right.