Try some of these cool food and wine pairings at your cookout over the long weekend:

Hey Everyone,

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and I can smell the grills already! A LOT of people will be enjoying some food and drink while keeping in our thoughts, the U.S. men and women who have served, or are currently serving in our armed forces.

What wine pairs with BBQ ?

Wine at a cookout? Why not?

Don’t fear making the wrong decision! Wine can bring out some amazing flavors in barbecued food.  There’s no pressure, so keep it simple. If you’re a red wine lover, pick a red. If you enjoy white wine, grab a white.

The most common party-goer question: What wine can we bring that will go with almost anything meatwise that can be slapped on a grill? You’ll be a weekend rock star if you pull out some:

Dry Rosé, Malbec, or a Chenin Blanc (rosé, red, white)

Here are some specific food and wine pairing ideas for grilling:

What wine goes with steak?

For Sirloin Steak - Try a Petite Sirah:
This is a spicy red wine with plum, cherry, & prunes rocks the house

NY Strip Steak - Grab a Malbec:
A red wine with blackberry, mocha, & spice is just awesome

What wine goes with burgers?

You’re in good shape with a Dry Rosé, a fruit forward Shiraz/Syrah, or a spicy Zinfandel

What wine goes with bbq chicken?

Give Chenin Blanc a try:
This is a sweet white wine with honey and nectar, & a creamy finish brings out some cool flavor. Malbec works too!

For starters… what wine goes with spinach dip?

Sauvignon Blanc is killer here:
A nice grassy white wine with herbs & smoke does the trick
Dry Rosé is a winner here too!

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We’d love to hear about some interesting pairings you have over the weekend, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy the weekend!Cheers!
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