Try these food and wine pairings for Father’s Day - #WineWednesday

Father’s Day is on June 21st this year, but we thought we’d share some cool ideas now so you can prepare to wine and dine Dad. Some guys like to eat like a champ and head straight for the grill. Others may be fans of seafood or have a sweet tooth. Why don’t you toss on the apron and start with a hearty breakfast and browse some other options below?

Here are some food and wine pairings for Father’s Day…

Steak and Eggs:

Petite Sirah and its dark fruit with supple tannins pair well

Cheeseburger with Bacon:

Grab a spicy Zinfandel with spicy fruit and carmel oak flavors

Teriyaki Glazed Ribs:

A sweet Riesling with tropical fruit flavors like pineapple is great

Baked Macaroni and Cheese:

Chardonnay is awesome with white-sauced pasta

Grilled Cod or Haddock:

A clean, crisp Pinot Grigio goes well with light fish

Pork and Lamb Kebabs:

A peppery, yet fruity Zinfandel makes these kebabs some good eats

T-Bone Steaks:

The lush red fruit like Emperor cherry in a Dry Merlot is perfect

Does your Dad have a sweet tooth? So, what wine goes with dessert?

Coconut Cream Pie:

Sémillon and the rich aromas of orange peels, honey, almonds works here

Lemon Meringue Pie:

Muscat is great, although this may be dessert all on its own

What wine goes with candy?

Hershey’s Bar with Almonds:

A Tawny Port with caramel, walnut, and butterscotch is killer!


A Carmenere/Cabernet blend and its black cherry and currant is surprisingly good here

We hope you have a great Father’s Day! If you’re interested in more food and wine pairings, please visit HelloVino.com, or download our FREE iPhone app at http://bit.ly/hellovinoapp

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