Turn up the nose to Rose? No way! #WineWednesday

Some red blended Rosés to sip on during the summer:

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Sweet and Crisp and Dry - Oh my!

Although some wine connoisseurs dismiss Rosé, many people find the light, crisp flavors to be refreshing in the hot weather. The color of Rosé can actually vary (lighter Rosé wines are sometimes called “Blush”), and this is generally determined by the grapes that are crushed. For the most part, the grapes chosen are crushed early to avoid too much tannin, and so the color is not heavily impacted overall.

There’s a large audience that perceives Rosé to be overly sweet (thanks White Zin), or possibly a beginner’s wine. However, the delightful Rosé comes dry as well. The best part… Rosé is very food-friendly.

Some good food and wine pairings for Rosé:

Crisp, Dry Rosé - Great with BBQ meats, fantastic with turkey burgers, Mexican dip, and plays real nice with crab and lobster. This is a good all around choice if you’re attending a cookout.

Sweet, Fruity Rosé - Surprisingly good with guacamole, turkey sandwiches, poultry, and can offset spicy dishes.

Here are some interesting bottles to consider:

2007 Bella Rosa
80% Syrah, 20% Pinot Noir, Crisp & Dry

Six Sigma Winery 2007 Rosé
Red Blend, Sweet & Fruity

P.S. St. Supèry Vineyards was recently on Twitter Taste Live, where people tweet their tasting notes with other Twitter users all over the world!

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