Out of the 10+ thousand Hello Vino pairings made over the weekend…the most popular was:

Hello Everyone,

We got a boatload of pairings over the weekend and love seeing the variety of requests. You guys rock, and we hope Hello Vino is helping you find or try new things as you enjoy the summer!

Since the nice weather is in full swing, our food and wine pairing service saw some grilling favorites come in, as well as some pizza, pasta, and salmon for the seafood lovers. The top food pairings over the weekend (in order) were:
Food and wine pairings:

Pepperoni Pizza: Fruit-forward Zinfandel, a nice Chianti, or DolcettoFilet Mignon / Tenderloin: Bordeaux Blend with spice, Cabernet with spice, or Petite Sirah

Grilled Chicken: Pinot Gris, Dry Rose, or MerlotPasta with Tomato Marinara Sauce: Chianti, Sangiovese, Syrah/Shiraz with spice

Cheese Pizza: Barbera, Chianti, Fruit-forward ZinfandelSalmon: Fruit-forward Pinot Noir, a crisp Chardonnay, or White Bordeaux

New York Strip Steak: Malbec, Merlot, or Zinfandel
Summer love?

Looks like some people were trying to impress a certain someone this past weekend. If Hello Vino was your little wine cupid, we hope it went well ;)Hello Vino received a good amount of traffic for its Wine for an Occasion section. The most popular…

Red Wine to impress:
Earthy Pinot Noir
TempranilloWine for a date:
Syrah/Shiraz fruit

Stay tuned for updates real soon…some exciting things are going on!
Jim from Hello Vino