A #WBC09 Wine Blogger’s Wedding Wish for #WineWednesday

And if there aren’t enough W’s in that title, you should know that next year’s Wine Bloggers Conference is in Walla Walla, Washington.

Here are 2 more important “W’s” for ya … Winebard’s Wedding

@winebard is getting married and is searching for the perfect vineyard.

Can you help?

Are you a winery, or have an in at a winery that can provide:

1. Rose bushes at the end of the rows of vines
2. Picturesque location for wedding photos
3. Can accommodate four people for about one hour on Aug 18th
BONUS: Will hold a video camera for 20 minutes or be their witness

Please note that this “K.I.S.S list” isn’t set in stone. Change her mind if you have something different to offer. In addition, no staff or event space is required from the vineyard.Interested in helping out?

Visit www.WineBardWeds.com or email submissions to winebard@gmail.com explaining why your vineyard would be the perfect setting for her vows.

Deadline for entries will be August 13th.

Winebard will also post the entries on www.WineBardWeds.com as they come in. 

This is a cool way to get a winery some fun exposure!

The selected winery will be notified on the 14th and Winebard will announce on her blog who it is on the actual wedding day (August 18th) with a follow up post shortly afterward. So we’ll pop a question of our own… Where will Winebard Wed?

Congrats Karen (Wine Bard), and Cheers!-The Hello Vino Team