Find Some Cool Wine Bars (or try doing some fun things at home):

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Need some resources or reviews when you are traveling and need that glass of vino to unwind? Do you live in any of the cities below and have not found that gem of a place? Below are some links to help you discover some great wine bars, a fun atmosphere, and above all - a great wine experience. Check out the links for each city:

Gary Vaynerchuk visited Clo wine bar in NY and we wanted to share his inside look at the place. This is an interesting spot on the 4th floor of  the Time Warner Center:

Some classic food and wine pairings in the cities:

SF: King Crab with Pinot Blanc

Chicago: Deep Dish Cheese Pizza with Barbera

NY: More pizza, but by the slice. Mushrooms with Pinot Noir, Tomato & Basil with
Nero d’ Avola, or Sausage with ZinfandelAtlanta: South Georgia Gumbo with Malbec

DC: Maryland Crab with crisp ChardonnayLA: Eel (Unagi) Sushi with Vouvray

Boston: Clam Chowder with a buttery ChardonnayOn a personal note, I was lucky enough to visit an establishment called “UnWine’d" in Vancouver. I highly recommend stopping by this wine bar if you are ever in the area.

My favorite dessert to date is offered there: Table Side S’Mores!

Can you dig it??

Would you like to create your own wine bar experience at home with some fun beverages? You can always whip up some Pinot Grigio cocktails or invite some friends over to create and impromptu wine tasting party.

We’d love to hear about some spots you have visited and/or recommend. Do you have any cool bars, restaurants, or wine tasting experiences you’ve created at home that you can share in the comments section below?

Cheers!Jim from Hello Vino