Check Out These Five Wine Inspired Date Ideas

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I was given a free Aug/Sept 2009 copy of Mutineer Magazine at
the Wine Bloggers Conference and wanted to share a little diddy
by Katarine Meerson

Five Wine Inspired Date Ideas
Bubbles Waiting
Making arrangements to have an ice bucket of sparkling wine
waiting for you at your table when you arrive is as simple as it
is effective. Seriously, if you do this simple act of preparation,
you won’t believe how much it will rock your date’s world. Just
call the restaurant ahead of time and they should be happy to
set it up for you. If Champagne is out of your budget, look to
Cava, Prosecco, and American sparkling wines for value.
It’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Take Her Out For a Wine Pairing Dinner
More and more restaurants are offering tasting menus with
inspired wine pairings, and you can get the royal pairing treatment
for less than you think. Pairing menus come in an array of sizes
and prices, and there should be an option that fits your situation.
The pairing dinners can be quite a bit longer than your typical dinner,
giving you and your date an opportunity to have some quality
conversation. Why settle for the same old dinner and a movie when
you can wine and dine all evening long!Take Her Wine Tasting
There are tasting opportunities in all major cities regardless of how
close you are to the wine regions themselves, and you should double
check before you make the assumption no one is producing wine in
your area. If you do live near a wine region. spend a day visiting wineries
and tasting their creations. In the city, look to wine bars and wine shops
as possible tasting destinations, with more and more of these places
offering tasting flights paired with appetizers and snacks.

Stay In and Have a Half Bottle Tasting
Go to a wine shop that carries half bottles and buy four bottles
to try side by side. If you know what your lady likes, ask you local
wine merchant about new wines to try that she is likely to enjoy.
Find out what foods pair with the wines and purchase accompanying
snacks accordingly. Take advantage of having the privacy of your
own place to enjoy the tasting, and don’t forget about presentation!Take Her to a Wine Event
Wine events are the perfect date idea. Events range from casual
tasting events to red carpet galas and typically include your drinks
with the ticket price. Look to bigger festivals to get your taste on and
try a bunch of new wines to expand your wine universe. If you are
going on a first date, a wine event gives you something to focus on,
saving you from being imprisoned at a dinner table
with the date from hell.

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