Torrontes wins by unanimous decision, and it had a good night in the tasting ring

Hello Fight Fans,

Thanks to everybody who voted for their favorite gladiator in Wine Wars.

Both Torrontes and Albarino had plenty of supporters. The tale of the tape
showed how close these two fighters were, but in the end, Alamos Torrontes
was full of life, crisp, and on its game. Hello Vino popped open the 2008 Alamos
Torrontes (Wines of Catena) and wanted to share the post fight tasting notes.This wine did not present itself with over the top fruit on the nose. There is
absolutely no oak as well. This is my type of refreshing white wine to be honest.
When you take a sniff, you get a whirlwind of citrus. In addition, we picked up a
foamy lemon zest thing going on with a floral component. This Torrontes has
good acidity, but it also made my nose tingle in a good way with it’s alcohol
content (some people may not dig that).

If you like to smell wine, drink at room temperature
If you like the chilled, refreshing sips…you can go that route tooAll in all, this wine is not pulling any punches (had to do that).
The Alamos Torrontes is straightforward and zippy. If you generally do not enjoy
white wines, this may be one you’ll get into.

About Alamos Torrontes (now 1-0)

This fighter has a unique expression and has been
"called the country’s signature wine varietal."
Training included the development of lively citrus notes
and peach fruit, with a side workout involving jasmine
blossom and fresh herbs. This wine is light on its feet
with excellent balance. Be aware of crisp body blows.

Stay tuned for another classic match up!
Jim from Hello Vino