Ring the bell. #winewednesday Wine Wars! Cabernet vs. Chianti - Who are you betting on?

Who will you throw your support behind?

A Heavyweight Main Event

Cabernet vs Chianti
August 26th at 9PM EST / 6PM PSTTale of the Tape:

Louis Martini Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 -  DaVinci 2005 Chianti ClassicoHeight:     12 inches ——- 11 3/4 inches

Amount:   750mL ——- 750mLNeck:       Cork ——- Cork

Balance:  Good ——- ExcellentBody:       Firm ——- Medium

Age:        2006 ——- 2005Alcohol:   14.2% ——- 13%

Reach:   Napa, California ——- Tuscany, Italy
About Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon: “The Sunshine Kid”

This fighter has a ring history dating back to 1933 and the family
training follows a beautifully structured routine. This wine has
firm hands, and its entrance to the sqaured circle is slightly
spicy with a little smoke for effect. Although this wine acts fruity
at times, don’t be fooled because it’s known for memorable finishes,
and you’ll be picking yourself up off the mat.
About DaVinci Chianti Classico: “The Italian Stallion”

This fighter was made famous by it’s most celebrated son,
Leonardo DaVinci. Training consisted of serious conditioning until
it is ruby red in the face. This wine also has spicy entrance
to the ring with a long, slow walk and likes to tantalize its opponents
into a juicy finish for a little drama and some headlines the next day.
This Chianti refers to itself as a “fighting work of art” and generally
warns it’s opponents that what they ate last night was their last supper.
Who are you betting on??

Based on your bets in the comments below and through Tweets,
Hello Vino will pop open the winner and share the tasting notes.
Jim from Hello Vino