Syrah vs Petite Sirah for #winewednesday Wine Wars! - Let’s get it on!

Thanks to @fgj1013 for suggesting Syrah vs. Petite Sirah. Done deal.

A California Grudge Match!

Syrah vs Petite Sirah
September 2nd at 9PM EST / 6PM PST
Tale of the Tape:

Kendall-Jackson Syrah Vinter’s Reserve  -  Concannon Central Coast Petite SirahHeight:     11 3/4 inches ——- 12 inches

Amount:   750mL ——- 750mLNeck:       Cork ——- Cork

Balance:  Excellent ——- ExcellentBody:       Firm and Round ——- Muscular

Age:        2006 ——- 2004Alcohol:   13.5% ——- 13.5%

Reach:   Santa Rosa, California ——- Central Coast, California
About Kendall-Jackson Syrah Vinter’s Reserve: “The KJ Killa”

This fighter has a bold, intense attitude that tends to punch you
with a full mouthfeel of fruit fists. Training includes outdoor
activities with the earth and likes to remain dry as much as possible.
This wine has nice balance in the ring and likes to end bouts with
a big, elegant finish.
About Concannon Central Coast Petite Sirah: “The California Cannon”

This fighter looks battle tasted with a blackish-purple color all over.
Just like its competitor, this wine tries to stay dry throughout training,
but radiates warmth when in action. The California Cannon is known to
constrict and be a bit of a “loose cannon” when jumping into the ring
before being ready. This unpredictability proves to be troublesome for
some opponents because it’s a solid performer either way.
Who’s going to win??

Based on your bets in the comments below and through Tweets,
Hello Vino will share who gets the decision tomorrow.Cheers!
Jim from Hello Vino