What wine goes with… Yoga?

Hello Everyone,

Wine can be intimidating. Yoga can be intimidating.
Yoga can be relaxing. Wine can be relaxing.

These are two totally different things here, but they do offer
some common ground.Yoga has various practices or styles. Yoga can seem like an
exclusive workout club with it’s own lingo. Sounds like the
wine world doesn’t it?

I realize wine and yoga are not a match made in heaven, and you
should never do them at them same time. One aims to balance you out,
and the other, well, does that differently. Let’s be honest…unless you
are a hardcore yogi, you probably dabble with sugar, caffeine,
some beer, and wine in your down time.Wine can be a healthy indulgence (in moderation of course) and
offers more than just the bottle and glass. While sipping and
taking in the ever-changing flavors wine has to offer, create
a tranquil setting around you, take a deep breath, and relax. You do
not necessarily have to be at a winery to enjoy some scenery. You could
be on a porch, a deck, or even in your backyard. Toss on some music and
cleanse yourself of all the stresses from work. You can make your wine
experience a state of mind when you need to.

Are you intimidated by the variety of wines to choose from?
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Some food and wine recommendations:Camembert Cheese pairs well with Chenin Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon

Lamb Shanks pair well with Zinfandel or MerlotBeef with Curry pairs well with Viognier or Gew├╝rztraminer

Flounder pairs well with Suvignon Blanc or ChardonnayShrimp goes well with Gr├╝ner Veltliner or Chenin Blanc

Cheesecake pairs well with Moscato Di Asti or Sauternes
Enjoy your night. Enjoy your wine. Have fun with it your way.

It’s not that hard to imagine yourself pouring,
stretching, and sipping is it?Cheers…I mean Namaste
Jim from Hello Vino