How to Wine & Dine Over Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. This also means you most likely have a long weekend. So…Hello Vino says raise a glass and toast yourself!

The summer is quickly coming to a close, but before you cover up that grill, why not enjoy the weather with some food and wine?Wine can bring out some amazing flavors in food. It doesn’t matter if you like red wine, white wine, or rose. There are some food and wine pairings here that will make your day.

Quick Tip:

Not sure what’s being served at a cookout? Bring a Dry Rosé, Malbec, or a Chenin Blanc. These three varietals cover a wide range of cookout fare like burgers, BBQ chicken, and steak. Since these types of food are standard menu items at a BBQ, what about some other common dishes laid out on the picnic table?

Here are some other food and wine pairings you may come across at a cookout:

What wine goes with Pasta Salad?
Sangiovese is a nice pick with its tart cherry flavor and spice. You could also grab a
buttery Chardonnay that has a little oak flavor to it.

What wine goes with Lobster?

A Dry Rosé with flavors of wild strawberry and cherry keep this juicy. You could also go
with a crisp Chardonnay with zippy citrus flavors.What wine goes with Chicken Salad Sandwiches?
A light white wine like Pinot Grigio with citrus flavor is good here. You can also work
these finger sandwiches with a crisp, ripe/taut Chardonnay.

What wine goes with Mexican Dip?
Zinfandel is killer with its spice and dark berry flavor. You can go with a white wine
here as well. Viognier is an interesting match with its dry peach and apricot flavors.

What wine goes with Brownies?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich pick with its spicy red fruit. Want to go a bit sweeter?
Grab Sauternes to make this dessert explode with creamy honey, vanilla, and fruit flavor.
We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy some time off!

Cheers,Jim from Hello Vino