Quick food & wine pairings you may try at events or a lil’ getaway

Hey Everyone,

Over the Columbus Day weekend, members of the Hello Vino team attended a wedding on the Jersey Shore and chose to extend the quick trip into New York City for some extra fun.

I thought we’d share/document some of the food and wine pairings we tried at the wedding, and the other wine pairings available in New York when we stopped for food and drink. We figured many of you hit weddings where you have the opportunity to extend your stay and check out a new place, or turn it into a mini-getaway… so when you are attending an event or browsing a city, maybe you’ll come across some dishes like these…
At the wedding: What wine goes with hors d’oeuvres?

Crab Cakes - Pinot Blanc with an oily, creamy texture, and notes of caramel and citrus aroma is great with these little guys. However, the realistic choice at a wedding would be a full-bodied Chardonnay with hints of oak.Jumbo Shrimp - Chenin Blanc or Grüner Veltliner are great choices, however, you can lean on Chardonnay again and you’ll want to head towards a ripe and crisp one with fruit flavors.

Spring Rolls - Grüner Veltliner is a nice match with it’s lemon-lime, grapefruit, arugula and pepper flavors. You could also look for a dry Riesling which may be a bit easier to get your hands on.
Dinner choices: a little fish, a little steak…

Snapper with Mango Salsa - Chablis with steely acid and hints of lemon is a good choice here. You can however go for a full-bodied Chardonnay with buttery flavors, or even a light Sauvignon Blanc.Filet Mignon - A firm Cabernet Sauvignon with black fruit and oak is the winning choice here. In addition, you should be able to get your hands on a Cab fairly easily. You could also venture toward a Petite Sirah or a robust Bordeaux Blend.

Dessert: which started with assorted pastries, so what wine goes with pastry?Macaroons - Sémillon and it’s sweet honey and vanilla is killer. If you already have been enjoying a sweet Riesling, you can continue to do so as this wine works as well.

Biscotti - The smoky spice and hazelnut taste in Tawny Port is classic (dip the biscotti in the wine)!

Then to the cake… What wine goes with cake?

Chocolate Cake with white frosting
- If you have been enjoying Cabernet Sauvignon already, you’re in good shape. Other interesting options are Muscat or Madeira if you wanted to switch it up for dessert and blast your taste buds.

On to NYC…After the wedding festivities and after parties were all over, we drove north to New York City to cause a little more trouble. When trucking through the city, going block to block and testing the stamina of our feet, we opted to stop here and there for some routine lunch fare, a little sushi for dinner, classic cheese pizza, and even some soups when it was chilly out. Some interesting food and wine pairings on the trip were…
A quick little lunch…
Buffalo Chicken Wrap - A dry Champagne or semi-sweet Riesling with peach and citrus flavor handled the fire nicely.

Cajun Chicken Sandwich
- A juicy Rosé, or sweet Chenin Blanc worked well.

Some sushi for dinner… What wine goes with sushi?

Vegetable Tempura
- Fumé Blanc, Pinot Gris, or crisp Sauvignon Blanc worked

Edamame (pods)
- Torrontes, Fumé Blanc, or crisp Sauvignon Blanc

Spicy Tuna Roll
- The Chenin Blanc based Vouvray wass perfect. You could also do a dry Viognier.

New York Roll
- A light Fumé Blanc was interesting. A ripe Chardonnay is good here as well.

Tiger Roll (some eel)
- Vouvray won again. Prosecco (sparkling wine with a slightly bitter taste) was a fun choice as well.
Late night eats… What wine goes with plain cheese pizza?

NY Cheese Pizza - a juicy Barbera, Chianti, or jammy Zinfandel. By the way, this was awesome at 2:30 am!
More lunch on a chilly day… 
What wine goes with soup?

Clam Chowder
- Grabbed a full-bodied, buttery, Chardonnay to help warm up. Pinot Gris is outstanding here as well.French Onion Soup - Beaujolais (Cru or Villages), Côtes du Rhône with jammy raspberry, or a spicy Chianti was a nice treat.

On a fun note, we stopped to see Avenue Q on Sunday afternoon. This show was hilarious and serves drinks that you can bring to your seats.  Any wine goes with funny puppets.  :)
Hello Vino