A simple dessert like this paired with wine will satisfy your sweet tooth

Hello There,

A simple dessert and a simple post…

You do not need a fancy dessert to make your taste buds do the chocolate dance. Sometimes the simple combination of a fudge brownie with wine is all you need.There are a couple wines that will bring out the best in the chocolate as well as the wine. The cake portion of the brownie will be moist and ready to grab the intense flavors of the wine you choose below. To take this dessert over the top, maybe you could add some chocolate chips?

So, what wine goes with brownies?

Ruby Port (fruit-forward, sweet, spicy)

This is a famed and classic, bold, sweet and fruit-forward wine from Portugal. An explosion of pomegranate, plum, and blueberry aromas will tickle your nose. In addition, the flavors of licorice, cherry, prunes and cassis with notes of herbal tea and a light tannic grip are typical and will hug your brownies tightly.

Cabernet Sauvignon (fruit-forward with spice)

A rich red wine with red fruit mixed with spice creates a nice dance floor for the chocolate dance.

Sauternes (sweet and honeyed)

This one is a sweet, creamy wine with honey, vanilla, and fruit. Sounds like a tasty option, doesn’t it?  The brownies would welcome these flavors and blast your taste buds.

Try any of these dessert wine pairings and maybe you will earn some "brownie points" for your next date, family event, or just fulfill that crazy chocolate craving that’s been tapping you on the shoulder.  ;)

Jim from Hello Vino