Wine, Ink. Are you brave enough or cool with sipping inky wine?

Hello Everyone,

Getting a wine tattoo, takes some… um, grapes.

Some designs I have seen include grapes on a vine growing down a shoulder, a cork with a burnt date engraved on it and displayed on the inner bicep, a corkscrew with angel wings on a calf, and a wine label taking over the outer arm area. Johnny Depp even has a “Wino Forever” scroll on his right shoulder (after breaking up w/ Winona).However, Johnny Depp has nothing on Michael Wangbickler.

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Michael won the first Sonoma Wine Country Food and Wine Tattoo Contest held by inside-sonoma.com

"Wine Is My Life" - Michael Wangbickler
(Check out his blog: CavemanWines.com)

Getting inked is a personal choice, and those who are crazy passionate about something are likely candidates to make themselves a canvas for that love, and that’s cool.

I have always thought about getting a tattoo, and one of my business partners has about five. Since I can’t make up my mind on what I’d put on my body… my ink is in the glass.Inky wine, now that’s something we can all do together.

Definition of Inky: wine tasting term for a very dark colored wine.The color of inky wine comes straight from the red grape skin. It is necessary to leave the skins in contact with the white juice during fermentation. Red wine is derived from a vast assortment of grape varietals ranging from grapes that are reddish, deep purple, and even a beautiful blue on the color scale. The red hue depends on the grape type used in the wine making process, and the length of time the skin’s pigmentation is in contact with juice.

If you dig ink, these red wines can tattoo your palate with very full and ripe wines that offer a real mouth full of intense blackberries and blueberries, that could be accompanied with black pepper and are built on firm acidity.Here are some deep, dark, red wine varietals that you could try with some fun food and wine pairings

Zinfandel - Moroccan Style Lamb, Pad Thai, even Mexican Dip with Nachos

Malbec - Carne Asada Tacos, or a little Chinese take-out like Beef and Broccoli

Cabernet Sauvignon
- A Cheeseburger, Veal Chops, or some Chocolate CakePetite Sirah - Cajun Ribeye, or grab a Pizza with Spinach

Tinta Pinheira - Roast Beef Sandwich, or some Roast Turkey

- Shepard’s Pie, or some unique game like OstrichMontepulciano - Fettuccine Carbonara, or Pizza with Sausage

Nero d’Avola - Buffalo Wings and some Sunday football.

Jim from Hello Vino