Food & Wine Pairings from Portugal, S.Africa, and Chile on a simple Saturday night

Hey Everyone,

I already shared some worldly food and wine pairings I tried at Fall Wine Fest 2009 last weekend, hosted by Boston Event Guide.
After sampling the goods from the U.S, Spain, and Argentina… we made our way to 3 more hot spots in the room.

Fall Wine Fest Post 2 of 3…Vinialia Restaurant & Lounge was now in full swing after people got a little wine in them. This was also a great opportunity to mingle, see what people liked, what they didn’t care for, and get some great feedback on Hello Vino - which is awesome!

Off to Portugal, South Africa, and Chile.

Portugal:Food: Potato Dumplings with a sweet cream sauce with leeks and mascarpone

Wine: Adriano Ramos Pinto “Red” DouroNotes: This varietal blend had good structure, smooth tannins, and floral notes on the nose. I actually got a big burst of licorice in this one. I was hungry at this point and grabbed a bunch of the potato dumplings because they were going fast! I definitely enjoyed this pairing.

South Africa:Food: Boerewors Braii (pork) BBQ sausage with roasted red peppers and onions

Wine: Wildekrans-Walker BayNotes: This wine had a silky-smooth taste with red berries and spice in the mix.  The cool part was a distinct mocha finish that tasted great with the smoky flavors of the sausage.  Winner.

Chile:Food: Chilean Sea Bass cucumber wrapped with plum relish.

Wine: Carmenere Santa Rita “Reserva”Notes: This Carmenere had soft, savory tannins mixed with lush fruit and spice. The finish was smooth as well. The relish surrounding the fish was delicious, but the fish, not so much. I just remember the relish dominating everything, so this wine didn’t really distract, or enhance the dish. Carmenere is a good wine, but I felt the dish let it down.

Are there any interesting wine pairings you’ve had that you’d like to share?  Have you been on vacation and tried exotic foods or anything?

Hit us with some knowledge  :)

Jim from Hello Vino