Our Very Own iPhone App Commercial (This was a lot of fun!)

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We’ve all seen the "There’s an app for that" commercials, and I have to admit, I slow down the DVR to check them out (love the apps). ┬áBecause of this, I’m extremely excited to share our very own commercial for the free Hello Vino iPhone app:

Huge thanks to the Daily App Show for the videography (they originally reviewed our app in great detail) and Leo Blais for the music (this Boston-based musician has some amazing MP3s at his web site, and they’re free!).

Also, the voice you hear in the video is Hello Vino’s very own Jim McNamee - he’s “got you covered.”

Thanks for checking out the video, we’re looking forward to more of these as we continue to add features to Hello Vino.


- Rick from Hello Vino

P.S. Here’s the original video from the Daily App Show (iPhone app reviews):