Ok - we’ll bring you some figgy pudding. Christmas Wine Pairings - gifts, meals, desserts :)

Alright, we’re pretty excited for Christmas - it’s only a few weeks away!!  A friend just asked when Christmas stopped taking forever to get here and started coming at us all like a freight train. Christmas sneaks up on us now that we’re adults…and we’re adults who like wine. So, we put together some festive wine gift ideas for Christmas and food pairings for Christmas dinner into Hello Vino this week to help you through the crazy holiday season.

Of course, we had to include all the Turkey and Ham preparations, but we also added some fun stuff like candy, cookies, and other desserts (who doesn’t want to know what really goes with figgy pudding?!).  Try out the Christmas Wine & Gifts section by clicking on the option below:

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More Christmas Pairings Coming Soon

We’ll be posting some special Christmas blog posts over the next few weeks that lead into New Year’s.  If you have any ideas for unique dinner preparations or killer treats, please leave a comment below.


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