Meet the Web’s Wine Writers: Elizabeth Schneider, Wine for Normal People

As many of you know, we now include wine reviews in the free Hello Vino app.  We are extremely excited to collaborate with a talented group of writers that include Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW), Certified Wine Educators (CWE), and sommeliers certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers. Over the next few weeks, we will profiling each contributing wine writer beyond the third screen so you can learn more about the author.

Introducing: Elizabeth Schneider

CSW and sommelier from NormalWine.com, a.k.a “a wine expert for normal people.” She also blogs at Wine for Normal People.

Elizabeth is a wine educator and expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. Coming from the California wine industry, she’s new to Atlanta, but always tries to bring her authentic experience and expertise to you. A native New Yorker with a way of breaking down wine in a unique, honest, and down-to-earth way that is factual yet memorable, Elizabeth is kind of unorthodox for the wine world (and we like that). Not snotty, not gimmicky, and not boring — an experience with Elizabeth is a perfect blend of entertainment and education, professionalism and fun.

Wine is Fun. Remember?!

If you have ever felt uncomfortable at a wine event, or wanted to know more about wine in general, Elizabeth is someone you can lean on. You will not get smacked in the face with snobbery, or have a light shined on what you don’t know about wine. What you will get is a fun personality behind each word you read, and a person who wants to help you determine what you like about wine and how to articulate why you like it.

Plan to learn a thing or two about a region and/or styles of wine. Elizabeth is honest, entertaining, and has a conversation with you on her blog, Wine for Normal People. In fact, she loves Riesling… especially dry Riesling (more about that here).

Break It Down

Elizabeth also provides a nice wine review template that includes:

  • The Wine
  • Where It’s From
  • The Grapes
  • Vintage
  • Price
  • Color
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Food Pairing
  • Drink or Down the Sink
She’s Got Cred

Elizabeth Schneider holds certifications from the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Society of Wine Educators. She worked in California’s wine industry, conceptualizing and writing national wait staff training programs. Elizabeth has traveled to many wine regions of the world including Tuscany and Northern Italy, Burgundy, Napa, Sonoma, and South Africa to name a few.

We are thrilled to have Elizabeth Schneider involved with our wine reviews. Be sure to check out her latest posts within the free Hello Vino app, and on her Wine for Normal People blog.


The Hello Vino Team