Meet the Web’s Wine Writers: Ward Kadel, WineLog.net

As many of you know, we now include wine reviews in the free Hello Vino app. We are extremely excited to collaborate with a talented group of writers that include Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW), Certified Wine Educators (CWE), and sommeliers certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers. Over the next few weeks, we will profiling each contributing wine writer beyond the third screen so you can learn more about the author.

Introducing: Ward Kadel…a.k.a. drXeNo

Ward is the West Coast Ambassador & Staff Blogger for WineLog.net.  By day, drXeNo works at Genentech developing drugs for oncology. Outside of work, whether he is DJing breaks or progressive house music to playing golf, Ward enjoys sipping and geeking out on wine. Growing up in Napa Valley, and Willing to try any and all wines, drXeNo tends to enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon or Meritage/Rhone red blends, any Sauvignon Blanc and vintage Porto the best. ward likes to write about the parts of his life that include wine (virtually all of it), and currently resides in the Bay Area which makes visiting great wine regions easy.

Recently Logged Wines / Reviews

When reading drXeNo’s posts in the free Hello Vino app, there is a nice informative format that he provides:

Top level information includes:
  • Price
  • When to Drink
  • Industry Scores (if applicable)

Nice and neat tasting notes include…

  • Color
  • Nose
  • Palate

Personal notes and images accompany these logged wines as well.

A Credible Source

WineLog keeps a record of wines that you have tried. When you venture to try a new type or variety of wine, you are taking the risk that you will either love it or hate it. WineLog provides you with a free way to track your preferences on new wines, including the specific information about the wine, as well as personal and public comments and one to five-star ratings. Most people base their wine decisions on magazine reviews and ratings. WineLog’s approach is to take your wine preferences into account and find similarities with it’s users to introduce you to wines you may enjoy.
We are excited to have Ward Kadel / drXeNo involved with our wine reviews. Be sure to check out his latest posts within the free Hello Vino app, and on his blog on WineLog.net.

Cheers!The Hello Vino Team