The Mobile Wine Consumer - A Survey of 120,000 Hello Vino App Users

How much do you know about wine?

That’s exactly what we asked 120,000 Hello Vino users during the months of August through November, 2010.  The Hello Vino iPhone and Android apps provide wine recommendations to consumers when they need them most - while making a decision about which bottle to purchase.

These survey results align with the research conducted back in mid-2008, when the Hello Vino team was developing our app to help those consumers that were faced with the intimidating “wall of wine”.  Fast-forward to today, where Hello Vino dished out almost one million recommendations through our iPhone & Android apps to consumers during the month of November, 2010.  We’re on pace to well exceed that number in December, helping people with their holiday wine selections.

Mobile Consumers Are Different

Let’s think about the way we use mobile apps.  We’re in, then we’re out.  Mobile apps are incredibly valuable utilities that serve a specific purpose.  For example, you’ll open five different apps to check your email, track your daily meetings, take a photo, check the weather, and check your bank account balance.  This results in a laser-focused intention while using a mobile app.  We’re honored to be the primary app of choice when you need help picking a wine.  We’re also insanely grateful for the positive comments and helpful feedback we receive every day.

More About the Survey

This blog post is a sneak peek - We also asked how often they consume wine and the average price spent per bottle.  We will soon publish a full report with the survey results, as well as some interesting findings after cross-referencing the data.  All respondents indicated they were of legal drinking age from the country in which they took the survey.  With over 120,000 respondents, this may be one of the largest consumer surveys ever conducted.

If you have any questions, drop a comment below, or email hello@hellovino.com if you’d like to be notified when the full survey results are published.


The Hello Vino Team