Cabernet is still king in 2010. Did you receive a bottle as a gift? Quick Cab Pairings…

Wine.com recently reported…In 2010, Cabernet Sauvignon remained the king of Wine.com customer’s palates, with the most bottles sold, showing that we are still drawn to the big, bold grape variety and the range of wine it produces. But, while Cabernet stayed on top in volume (30% growth in bottle sales compared to 2009).

Although not the oldest grape from the vine, and being the product of a chance crossing between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc during the 17th century in southwestern France, Cabernet has developed prominence in the industry.

Did you happen to be the lucky recipient of a nice bottle of Cabernet? After all the holiday foods presented to you in the course of a couple weeks, I bet you’re looking to mix it up a bit. Maybe you’re planning to enjoy that juicy gift you received? Here are some post-holiday wine pairing ideas for the king…

3 Styled Cabernet Sauvignon Pairings

Style: Big Tannins with Fruit

Pairing: Pork Milanese

  • Whip up a Milan styled Italian meal that is a bit different from your traditional red sauce pasta creations. 

Style: Fruit-Forward with Spice

Pairing: Chocolate Cake

  • For the January babies…Happy Birthday and endulge! This is simply awesome.
    (photo credit: DancingDeer.com)

Style: Spicy, Herbal

Pairing: Asiago Cheese or Cheddar Cheese

  • Why not share your fantastic bottle and offer up some cheese that compliments the style of the wine. You’ll be in for a treat.

Did you happen to get another type of wine as a gift? Other popular varietals for Wine.com sales included Gamay, Bordeaux Red Blends, and Sangiovese. Viognier was a hot white too!

We’d love to hear what you got, and if you liked your wine gift!


The Hello Vino Team