Make Your Own Wine in Boston

Would you like to experience the art of winemaking from start to finish, and put your stamp on a finished product?
We know of CrushPad, San Francisco’s community winery (now located in Napa) that empowers their clients to customize wine plans to meet¬†their style goals, augment those personalized plans with education and support, and then take care of the time-consuming parts. The CrushPad crew wants to enable anyone with a serious interest in wine to participate in the magic of winemaking. The CrushPad facility and online tools are great.

However, what if you live in the Boston area and would love to experience the personal process and satisfaction of turning grapes into your own wine at a convenient facility? Enter The Boston Winery.

Snug inside a Civil War-era brick and stone building beside his landmark Venezia Restaurant, vintner Ralph Bruno has opened the doors to The Boston Winery - the only winery of its kind in New England. A 12,000 square foot facility offers people the unique opportunity to enjoy making their own wine with family and friends, and you can lean on some of the finest Californian and European wine makers to guide you. Bruno is originally from Abruzzi, Italy, where his family was known for making excellent wines. While owning a bakery in the famous North End, Bruno continued to perfect his winemaking skills at every opportunity.

"Life is about family," says Mr. Bruno. "It is about good times, food, wine, friends, music, and conversation."

Wine is social. Winemakeing is fun. The Boston Winery provides a lively setting for wine enthusiasts so you can participate in each step of the winemaking process. You can choose your level of involvement as well - be completely hands on to craft your wine, or simply select a blend and leave the creation up to the team of award winning winemakers available to you.

Why Make Your Own Wine?
  • It’s Fun! What better way to share a unique experience than to make wine with your friends and family?
    You will make new friends. You will learn and enjoy.
  • It’s Healthy! You know what goes into the bottle! There is no need to add preservatives or other
    chemicals, so your wine, is in its natural state.
  • It’s Delicious! Because of the natural process, your wine will be smoother and less bitter. It’s cleaner
    on the palate and does not leave a heavy aftertaste.
  • Crushing / De-stemming: Scheduled in September and October, you will learn to crush and de-stem
    your grapes. This is the first step in the start of fermentation.
  • Pressing: Following fermentation, you will press your “crush” onsite at the Winery. Prepare and
    fill your barrels. Your barrels are then stored in our climate controlled cellar.
  • Racking: Generally scheduled in January or February, you will learn to remove the lees (sediment),
    clean the barrels, and top them off.
  • Finalization: The final step is usually scheduled in July and August. It is the filtering, bottling,
    and corking. Our automated bottling and corking equipment makes this step simple. At the end of this step,
    your wine is now ready to be brought home and enjoyed.

Now, let’s make some wine!

The Hello Vino Team