Do Wine Glasses Really Matter? A Stemware Shootout

Does wine simply taste better in certain glasses? 

Did you know that your palate can become confused if you’re sipping wine from the wrong glass? Supposedly, with the appropriate glass, the true make-up of a varietal can be shot to the proper section of your tongue to immediately introduce you to bitter, sweet, sour, or salty.

We may have to give this little test a whirl. Maybe we dismiss certain varietals because we had it in a glass that did not do it justice (or maybe it was in a plastic cup)!  We’d love to hear if this works for you or not…

A Stemware Shootout: Glasses Needed

Sauvignon Blanc glass
Chardonnay glass
Pinot Noir glass

Step 1: Taste Sauvignon Blanc from the Sauvignon Blanc glass
Step 2: Now, taste Sauvignon Blanc from the Chardonnay glass   

Step 3: Taste Chardonnay from the Chardonnay glass
Step 4: Now, taste Chardonnay from the Sauvignon Blanc glass

Step 5:
Taste Pinot Noir from the Pinot Noir glass
Step 6: Now, taste Pinot Noir from the Chardonnay glass

Any Difference?

Sauvignon Blanc:

Step 1 - The bowl of the Sauvignon Blanc glass is supposed to help enhance the fruit, and the glass should deliver the wine to the tip of your tongue first. Since Sauvignon Blanc is acidic, you’re palate should grab onto the sweetness and not the acid.

Step 2 - When you drink Sauvignon Blanc from the Chardonnay glass, does it hit the sides of the tongue first and does it seem bitter or sour instead?


Step 1 - The Chardonnay glass is supposed to round the wine flow and deliver the wine away from the tip of your tongue. This glass aims to please your bitter and sour taste buds first…and you should pick up the natural sweetness that’s in the wine indirectly.

Step 2 - When you drink Chardonnay from the Sauvignon Blanc glass, does it become salty?

Pinot Noir:

Step 1 - The Pinot Noir glass is supposed to send the wine in a way where it ends in a sharp point. There is some brilliant fruit in Pinot, so this glass design aims for the tip of the tongue to enhance sweetness first, while offering a long aftertaste.

Step 2 - When you drink Pinot Noir in the Chardonnay glass, does it become boring, dry, and bitter?

We’re going to try this…maybe you can too at your next wine tasting party (or maybe we just gave you a cool reason to throw one)!

We’d love to hear the tasting results.


The Hello Vino Team