The ‘Wine for Normal People’ Podcast: More Popular than Oprah!

Well, on iTunes anyway.

Last month, we kicked off the Wine for Normal People podcast - a radio show where we cover topics including the Top 10 Snobby Wine Terms, Trendy Wines, and Aging Wines (how to know when to hold ‘em).  And, in the first eight weeks, we’ve been climbing the iTunes charts.  You can find us among celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, and also right next to the “podfather of wine online”, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV.

Have a Listen

You can click the play button below to listen to our show about snobby wine terms (and what they actually mean), and you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

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Who’s On the Mic?

The show is hosted by Elizabeth Schneider (Certified Sommelier from the Wine for Normal People blog) and Rick Breslin (Co-Founder of Hello Vino, the free wine app for normal people).  Elizabeth is able to break down the world of wine in an easy-to-understand manner, which helps people discover new wines instead of feeling intimidated by the sometimes overwhelming subject matter.  Rick is there to keep it real, and ask questions about the specific topics.  In some episodes, you’ll hear Rick call Elizabeth out on her sometimes colorful descriptors for wine aromas and flavors.

How to Subscribe / Listen

We release a new episode every Friday, so you can sync up your iPods and listen to the show during your weekend trips or over morning coffee.  There are a few ways to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode (click one of the following):

How to Participate

Podcasting is basically audio blogging (or, radio with interaction from the listeners).  If you have ideas for show topics, or general questions about wine, make sure to post comments on the blog, podcast, or Facebook pages:

"Finally a podcast about wine that doesn’t require an advanced degree." - George Magdaleno, iTunes Review

Wine is Fun, Remember?

It is our goal to remind you that wine does not have to be snotty, condescending, or boring.  We’re normal people who like wine, and that’s why we created the Wine for Normal People podcast.  Thanks for listening!


Rick from Hello Vino