What Our Wine Writers Have Been Up To…

Although the free Hello Vino mobile apps offer bite size pieces of wine reviews from a talented group of wine writers including Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW), Certified Wine Educators (CWE), and sommeliers certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers, we can’t share everything they’re up to within your handy-dandy smartphone. However, we thought we’d let you in on some of the cool things each writer is up to, events they’ve attended, thoughts they’re sharing, and more…

Joe Roberts: 1WineDude.com

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What Joe has been up to:

Exploring a new pecking order for cult Napa Cabs after a certain record-breaking performance at Premiere Napa Calley 2011. The part-auction, part-networking-event, part-total-insanity in which small, selected barrels/lots from some of Napa’s most celebrated wine producers are auctioned off to collectors, buyers and importers as special, once-in-a-lifetime future bottlings. In fact, a Japanese importer placed a winning bid in a lively room that worked out to be roughly $2,000 per bottle. Check out the full story.

Elizabeth Schneider: NormalWine.com

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What Elizabeth has been up to: 

Well, when Elizabeth is not dropping knowlege on you about wine, and tossing a curve ball at you like the well-kept secret of dry Riesling from Austria, she’s on the mic and burning up the iTunes charts with the new 'Wine for Normal People' Podcast!  Some ear candy includes Top 10 Snobby Wine Terms, Wine Gadgets & Glasses, and Trendy Wines, to name a few. Give it a listen… it’s more popular than Oprah (well, on iTunes anyway).

Steve Paulo: NotesFromTheCellar.com

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What Steve has been up to:

Want to kick some fun into your wine reading? Well, Steve has been pairing wine with TV shows from the 1980’s like Magnum P.I., MacGyver, and The Dukes of Hazzard. In addition, Steve incorporates some cool wine badges identifying his thoughts on certain wines such as “Supermarket Surprise,” or “Legit Juice.” Search wine reviews on his site by the badge assigned to it, the grade given, and more.

Thea Dwelle: LusciousLushes.com

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What Thea has been up to:

Thea was blogging from Madrid in late January, haggling with expensive WiFi connections, sharing some insight on Rioja, and sharing her experience from Bodegas Miguel Merino (a small, family run winery located in Briones, a small hilltown about 30 minutes north of Lagroño, Spain). Thea always has the 411 on cool events, and most recently clued us in on the largest tasting of American-grown Rhone wines: Rhone Rangers, San Francisco, March 26th & 27th.

Ward Kadel: WineLog.net

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What Ward has been up to: 

Dr. Xeno was promoting and attending the 9th Annual Pinot Noir Summit back on February 26th, and also gave away a two-pack from one of his favorite wineries, Wild Horse Winery. One of the wines won was Wild Horse’s Grand Award winning wine, the 2008 Wild Horse Central Coast Pinot Noir, winner of a QPRWK badge. Sweet!  Ward also hase a nice recap of the Vintners Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Inductees.

Jason: JasonsWineBlog.com

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What Jason has been up to:

Are you curious about wines in the aisles at Trader Joe’s, well Jason is your man with honest reviews. You can access the top ten wines from Trader Joe’s, or dive into his Best of lists…but more recently, Jason was invited to the Union des Grands Crus tasting that was recently held in San Francisco to celebrate the 2008 vintage of Bordeaux.

Marc Hinton and Pamela Heiligenthal: enobytes.com

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What Enobytes has been up to:

Enobytes (“eno” – short for oenology (or enology): a science that deals with wine and wine making, & “bytes” – A collection of organized bits of information) has been around since 1996. Dig into wine reviews, wine maps, and vintage charts. There is a ton of information on this site, and it’s easy to use… enjoy!

Stu The Wine Guru: StuTheWineGuru.com

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What Stu has been up to:

Stu is the on-air host for his internationally successful radio show, “Wine Talk with Stu The Wine Guru.” He also is a wine journalist, and reviewer for Yahoo and Examiner.com offering thoughts on specific brands like Cakebread Cellars, or making an appearance NBC Miami for Nonstop Foodies “Your Wine List.”

Josh Wade: DrinkNectar.com

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What Josh has been up to:

Unfortunately, we could not access Josh’s website when this post was being constructed. However, this blog chronicles the reviews of local coffee shops, wine bars, wineries, and Josh’s travels to explore the worlds of wine and coffee. You can follow Josh on Twitter @nectarwine, or check out his YouTube channel.


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