Why do people use wine-related mobile apps? Here’s what 120K users said…

We’ll keep this blog post brief, since all the good stuff is outlined in our free report titled “The Mobile Wine Consumer” - a detailed report that includes the results of a survey conducted between August and November of 2010, where 120,000 mobile users provided their level of wine knowledge and purchasing habits. The report also includes analysis of how people are using the free Hello Vino mobile apps.  Ok, ok, here’s a taste…

In addition to the survey results, the report identifies wine consumer behavior and trends including the most popular food and wine pairing requests, taste preferences, and the most popular wine regions among mobile users.

Grab the free PDF, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and take a look behind the curtain.


- The Hello Vino Team

Ok, ok, here’s another… (we couldn’t help ourselves)

UPDATE: Vintank recently published a follow-up to their Nov 2009 iPhone app report, where they identify the Top 26 Most Promising Wine Apps (and they’ve included Hello Vino!).

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