Packaged wine in a mini-beer cup. Just tear off the foil and sip. Would ya?

On the special preview of Shark Tank Season 2, we were treated to a pitch from Copa Di Vino who offers ”America’s first premium wine by the glass.” We’ll leave the quality of wine up to you. We haven’t tried this product yet, and if you do, we’d love to hear what you think.

James Martin (founder of Copa Di Vino) strolled into the tank looking for $600,000 for 20% of his company.

What was the problem James was solving with his product?

  • Drinking in public places, say for a picnic, is a challenge. Martin states, “That’s when wine gets complicated. To have a glass of wine outside, you need a bottle, and a corkscrew, and delicate glasses.” 

The Solution:

  • Wine by the glass in mini-beer cups where you simply tear off the foil closure and sip away.

The investors felt the bigger play was the patent for the packaging itself, not the wine. Martin clearly wanted to keep the wine, it’s packaging, and brand in tact.

We’ll leave you with the first part of the video where you’d have to make a decision on what to do with the offer presented. Would you stay married to the original pitch, or pivot and break the company in half?

The question of the day…What would you do?

Video: Shark Tank Part 1 (if the video is no longer available, see it here)

On a side note…(and credit to Eater.com)

Martin’s product is strikingly similar to the individual M&S Le Froglet wine glasses thunk up by famed Englsh inventor James Nash.

From inventor James Nash comes these single-serve plastic wine glasses with a tear-off lid with either Shiraz, Rose, or Chardonnay. And at £2.25 (or $3.30), British retailer Marks & Spencer can’t keep them in stock, the Daily Mail reports. The funny backstory is that Nash was on the BBC reality show Dragons’ Den (the UK equivalent of Shark Tank) and the investors “gave him a torrid grilling and bowed out because they were unconvinced anyone would be interested.” Apparently, the M&S Le Froglet wine individual glasses are popular with those about to engage in an “impromptu picnic” and with “commuters who want to enjoy a drink on the train home from work.”

Either way, this was a fun pitch to watch.


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