Where to Get a Good Chocolate Bunny

Could you fit a 3 pound, 16 1/2 inch tall, milk chocolate rabbit in your Easter basket? Did you know you could get your hands on delicious chocolate bunnies that have smoked almonds and gray sea salt, or lemon zest and pink peppercorn? There are even some artsy, holiday-cool versions out there where the adorable little guys are hand-painted with calico spots of dark and white chocolates!

Top Chocolate Bunnies for Easter (credit: Brett Moore)

Mr. Goodtimes Easter Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates

  • Mr. Goodtimes Bunny is 16 1/2 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds. Even though he’s hollow, that’s a lot of chocolate. This milk chocolate rabbit is hand-decorated with white and dark chocolate. Mr. Goodtimes is also the most expensive rabbit on the list with a price tag of $85. Lake Champlain also makes a Cruisin’ Easter Bunny for only $20.

Hand Painted Calico Bunny from Moonstruck Chocolate

  • These adorable little guys are made of milk chocolate and hand-painted with calico spots of dark and white chocolates. Available in two sizes: 2.25 oz at $6.00 each or 7.13 oz at $15.00 each.

Exotic Rabbits from Vosges Chocolates

  • These cute little bunnies are only a fraction of the size of Mr. Goodtimes (4 inches high) and price ($12.00). At first glance, they may seem a little on the plain side but their secret is in the taste. These solid chocolate rabbits come in 4 exotic flavors: Red Fire Bunny is dark chocolate flavored with Mexican chilies and Ceylon cinnamon, Gianduja Bunny is milk chocolate with almonds and hazelnut praline, Barcelona Bunny is milk chocolate with smoked almonds and gray sea salt, and Almalfi Bunny is white chocolate flavored with lemon zest and pink peppercorn

    The Famous Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit from Harbor Sweets

    • This deceptively plain looking rabbit is actually a map of delightful flavors. The ears contain toasted almonds, the head is almond butter crunch, the body contains caramel with pecans, and the base has toasted almonds. 5 ounces, $15.95 to $17.50, available in milk or dark chocolate.

    Some Chocolate Bunny Wine Pairings

    Milk Chocolate 

    1) Syrah/Shiraz - A red wine with blackberry, plum, and jamminess

    2) Muscat - A sweet wine with spice, honey, and fruit cocktail

    Dark Chocolate:

    1) Merlot - A lush red wine with plum, black cherry, & caramel 

    2) Banyuls - A sweet but not syrupy Southern French dessert wine with espresso, plums, and mocha

    Chocolate with Almonds or Pecans:

    1) Cabernet Sauvignon -  A rich red wine with red fruit mixed with spice

    2) Tawny Port - A sweet wine with baking spice, almond, & caramel

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