Earn Rewards for Rating Wines? Yep, You Can Now Play #VinPass with @HelloVino #WineWednesday

We’re excited to announce that Hello Vino is the first iPhone/Android app with which you can play VinPass - a game where you can earn rewards for rating wines.  Here’s a synopsis of the game from the VinPass web site:

Playing VinPass is simple. Taste wines, write notes, earn passes and get rewards for sharing your experiences.

Sounds Fun, Right?
Here’s How to Play:

  1. Download the free Hello Vino app to either your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Get a wine recommendation for a meal, an upcoming occasion (such as Memorial Day), or even by taste preference.
  3. Tap the Save or Rate This Wine button when you’re checking out the wine details.
  4. Save your rating, and Voila! - You’ll earn VinPasses for rating different wines!

So, What’s the Reward?

As you rate wines and gain passes, you’ll receive notifications within the app when you’ve earned a reward.  So far, the rewards are top secret (you must earn passes to see the rewards).  Curious?  Feel free to check out all the passes on VinPass.com.

VinPass in Action

Let’s say the Hello Vino app recommends the Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio to pair with your grilled chicken salad.  When you “Save or Rate” this wine, you’ll not only earn the VinPass Welcome pass, but you’ll unlock the Superstar Sister! pass.  Here’s a sneak peek (shown below), and here’s how to earn the full pass:

Taste, Review, Rate, or Save Middle Sister wines.  If you pick the right ones, you’ll get a notification that you’re on your way to earning the “Superstar Sister” Pass!

Let’s Get it Started in Here!

Wine is fun, remember?  The guys over at VinTank have created VinPass to help bring “gamification” to the wine world.  They have more game features planned, and new passes are added all the time, so make sure you get a head start and get your game on.