The Absolutely Frackin’ Perfect Memorial Day Wine - Pink Is In… Big Time

Memorial Day is next Monday.  Only one week until we scrape the gunk off our grills, brave the supermarket crowds, and spend some quality time with the people we love.

Oh yeah, you’ll also need a killer wine.

So… which wine to pick?  Luckily, there are free mobile apps like Hello Vino to give you recommendations, but in this blog post, we’re going to give some love to pink wine.

I’m talking about Rosé. (Yeah, roh-ZAY!!)

The only problem with the picture above?  The wine is all gone.  After receiving a sample from the winemaker a little while ago, this wine was simply too delicious to sit in that bottle any longer.  Although, the brilliant color did pretty up the wine rack at home for a short while.

The 2010 Passaggio Wines Grande Cappello Rosé

Aside from it’s sexy color, this rosé delivers on its promise of bright cherry flavors and a pleasantly lingering finish after giving it a few swishes (mouthwash style).  This particular wine is not the “I-forgot-what-I-just-sipped” style of rosé that disappears after a second or two.  Instead, the Grande Cappello Rosé has a substantial mouthfeel that persuades you reach for the next pour. By the way, the name was inspired by the winemaker’s Mother’s “Big Hat”.

A Different Take on Napa Cab

Yep, that’s right.  This rosé wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  The same grapes that contribute to Napa being recognized as one of the premier wine regions in the world.  The only difference is, the skins weren’t left to soak in the juice long enough for all those mouth-puckering tannins to get in there, and a small amount of Sangiovese was blended in for good measure.  The result: A rosé wine that will redefine your opinion on rosé wines.

Get This Wine Delivered Before the Weekend

Winemaker Cindy Cosco is a Twitter #rockstar, and makes this small-production (a.k.a. get it while you can) wine out of Crushpad in Sonoma.  You can order the wine through her web site at PassaggioWines.com, and by ordering today, you can make sure this incredibly versatile and crowd-pleasing wine arrives in time for your cookout.

Have fun & stay safe!!

The Hello Vino Team