A Perfect Pairing - Wine and Chocolate For Your Book Club

Many readers out there belong to a book club, where each person or club has a chance to add a book of interest to their reading list. After members turn each page of a story on their own time, the group gets together to discuss and analyze the book. Maybe you enjoy a murder mystery? A romantic novel may raise your eyebrows? Crime stories may keep you on your toes? Perhaps a biography of a real interesting person inspires you? Whatever type of book or author you like, there is something all of your book club members will enjoy…wine and chocolate!

Wine is a perfect pairing for social get togethers such as a book club night, and creates a certain ambiance with great food and conversation. Whether you are serving hors d’oeuvres, dinner, or dessert, there’s a wine for that…and an app for that too! Hello Vino, and its free mobile wine app, can help you select wines for different foods, or based on your personal taste preferences.

Hello Vino also supports the pairing of wine, chocolate, and
a first time author (of a novel), Stephanie Haddad.

In fact, Stephanie is offering a 
Book Club Party Basket Giveaway if you simply add her book to your reading list. Cool!

Book clubs and members just need to add "A Previous Engagement" to their reading list to be eligible for the prize. The basket will include four bottles of wine, enough chocolate to last you through one night of heated book analysis, and a free copy of the author’s second novel Love Unlisted (due out this fall) for EACH member of your book club!

What is better than chatting about a compelling story with friends while you sip wine and nibble on chocolate? 


Stephanie Haddad is a full-time mom by day and a writer by naptime. She lives in the Boston area with her loving husband, precocious toddler, and cuddly dog. While her short fiction has appeared in several online publications and won a handful of contests, "A Previous Engagement" is Stephanie’s first published novel. Visit her website www.stephaniehaddad.com for more information. Stay tuned for “Love Unlisted,” a contemporary romance.


When lifetime friendship mixes with romance, things can get weird.

Tessa Monroe may not be able to operate a toaster oven safely, but she sure knows how to create and execute a marketing plan. Christian Douglas, her best friend since eating paste was in vogue, is a wedding photographer as romantic as his craft, engaged to a woman he believes is the one. 

Unexpectedly, his fiancée dumps him because she senses he’s in love with someone else—someone he “proposed to” on the third grade playground, someone who grew up without plans for romance, marriage, or a family thanks to her high powered career. 

Love each other? Not as anything more than friends, think both Christian and Tessa. But when a new “perfect” woman and the ultimate job opportunity threaten to drive the friends apart for good, Christian and Tessa must finally confront their true feelings for each other. Their lives have led them to very different destinations; can love bridge the gap between them?


Visit Smashwords.com for the eBook and Createspace.com for the paperback. 

For a chance at the Book Club Party Basket, and for more details, please visit…StephanieHaddad.com


Congrats Stephanie…and good luck to the book clubs!


Hello Vino