Fall Begins Friday. Wine Pairings For Festive Fall Food Begins Now…

I like the summer, but I love the fall. This is the time of year for seasonal deliciousness and lazy Sundays. Your favorite coffee stops have pumpkin muffins. You’re more in the mood for soup and may have placed it back on your grocery list. You are not just washing and eating apples, you are going to farms, picking them, and finding ways to incorporate them into dishes and desserts. Sunday can become a cooking day, or simply feasting on tasty foods while watching football games. Ahh, good times. Hello Vino has some seasonal wine pairings and interesting foods that will color your taste buds.

Here is a preview of what you can find in the free Hello Vino wine app for fall wine pairings. Interested in festive glasses…visit CustomCurling for the one pictured here.

Apples to Apples

Food - Pork w/ apple stuffing

Wine - Cabernet franc (a moderately tannic, juicy wine with blueberry, cassis, and raspberry)

The Great Pumpkin

Food - Pumpkin Risotto

Wine - Chardonnay (a ripe and crisp version with fruit flavors such as apple, pear, and citrus) 

Football Food

Food - Buffalo Wings

Wine - Riesling (a dry Riesling with flavors of peach and orange blossom)

Comforting Soup

Food - French Onion

Wine - Syrah/Shiraz (nice red wine with blackberry, plum, and pepper)


Food - Apple Pie

Wine - Sauternes (a sweet, creamy wine with honey, vanilla, and fruit)

For more festive fall wine pairings in the categories above, download the free Hello Vino wine app (if you already have it, we love you)…and dig in!


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