Simple Tips To Taste Wine Like A Pro At Your Next Event

Have you gone to a wine tasting and heard terms flying around like corks just exploded across the room? No worries, here are a couple easy steps you can follow to experience wine with each of your senses and taste wine like a boss.

Use Your Eyes 
Tilt your glass (roughly 45 degrees or so), hold it against a light colored background if you can, and take a second and look at the color. You’ll notice a wide range. This will give you an idea of what the body of the wine is. If you’re into fruity, light bodied wines vs. deep-bodied wine, you may be able to call it out before you even taste it.

Place the glass on a table, set two fingers around the base and the stem, and start circulating. Release all those flavors and smells in a wine by getting some oxygen flowing. You’ll be glad you did as it helps “open” the wine  

Stick Your Schnoz Deep In The Glass
Don’t be afraid. Get in there. Smell and taste are so closely linked together, and after smelling and tasting, you’ll repeat and start to smell different flavors and identify new tastes each time you nose dive and sip. Complex little beverage isn’t it?

Finally! Sip it
Don’t be shy, take a good-sized taste. Your mouth is a dance floor packed with taste buds. Move the wine all around your mouth and touch all point. For example, the tip of your tongue will identify for sweetness, and the sides call out acidity or tannins.

Some fun-flying terms…

Body - Perceived weight of the wine, and sensation of fullness. The density of a wine on the palate…either light, medium, or full

Has Legs - Streaks of wine forming on the side of the wine glass, identifying a high alcohol content

Bouquet - A complex fragrance in the wine developed by the winemaker’s influence during fermentation and aging

Is Hot - When a wine is described as “hot,” that means the alcohol level is unbalanced

Finish - The wine’s aftertaste - not only the flavors, but the length of time those flavors linger in the mouth

Corked - A bad wine that has been tainted by a chemical compound TCA trichlorylanisol, and will smell of damp newspaper or cardboard

Remember, you are not wrong. Wine is a personal experience, so own it.

Just look, swirl, smell, and sip. Oh, and smile!


Hello Vino