Why You Should Be Using Mobile Apps This Holiday Season #WineWednesday

First, we’d like to thank YOU for supporting us and using our wine app - you rock!

Based on some fantastic feedback over the years, we have recently released a brand new version of the free Hello Vino app with an improved experience to help you shop for wine this holiday season.

Our free mobile app, available through both the iTunes App Store and the Android Market, has always provided helpful wine recommendations for specific meals, occasions, and even based on your taste preferences. 

We’ve packed the best features from several apps into Hello Vino so you only need one app for your next shopping trip or wine tasting experience.

Why You Should Be Using the Free Hello Vino App

A rundown of all the bells & whistles…

Wine Recommendations

You don’t have to know anything about wine to use Hello Vino. The app uses a simple question-and-answer process to suggest the perfect bottle of wine for meals, special occasions, or your taste preferences.

Save & Remember Wines

Let’s face it - sometimes it’s not so easy to remember that delicious bottle of wine from the night before. Using Hello Vino, you keep track of bottles in your ‘My Wines’ notebook. Snap a pic of the label, give it a rating, and take a quick note so you never forget another bottle. You can mark your favorites, or create a wish list for future shopping trips.

Wine Label Image Recognition

Now you actually have a good excuse to pick a wine by its label. Hello Vino’s image recognition feature lets you snap a pic of a wine label to get the wine’s tasting notes, ratings and reviews. It’s that easy.

Search for Wines

Interested in a particular bottle of wine? Use the search feature in Hello Vino to get the wine’s tasting notes, ratings, and even food pairings.

"Normal" Wine Reviews

Get exclusive access to Certified Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider’s ”quick wine reviews” that break down the wines in a “normal” way (without the wine “geek speak”, and in audio format, too!).  The problem with most review apps is that you can never find the wine in your local store - Elizabeth’s reviews focus on widely available wines you can find in your local store.

Gift Ideas & Holidays

Need to bring a killer bottle of wine to your next festivus? Hello Vino has you covered with wine recommendations for every occasion and holiday. Did you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? ;)

Food & Wine Pairings

Whether it’s pepperoni pizza, filet mignon, or even mac & cheese, Hello Vino will give you recommendations for the best wines to pair with your meal.

Mobile Coupons & Push Notifications

Make sure to turn on your location services so the Hello Vino app can offer deals at stores near you!  Our retail partners want to offer you amazing wine coupons that you can redeem at your local stores. We’ll also keep you up to date on new offers near you when you enable push notifications within the free app.

So, do you need some help shopping for wine? We’ve got you covered. Download the free app today!

We’d love to hear what you think. Please drop a comment below or email hello@hellovino.com with your feedback and questions.

Happy Holidays!

Hello Vino