Are You Making A Wine List & Checking It Twice This Holiday Season? You Can With This Free App…

Have you had a glass of wine at a restaurant, opened a killer bottle at a party, or maybe had a friend or relative simply share a new kind of vino with you that raised your eyebrows?

Would you like to remember these wines so you can pick them off the shelf the next time you go shopping, and arrive on the scene with some legit juice? We do too.

With a couple taps of the finger, you can create your own personal wine notebook right on your smartphone. Pretty cool.

In the free Hello Vino wine apps, you can now save wines we recommend to you for meals, specific occasions, or by your taste preferences. All you have to do is view the details on a recommended wine, then tap the "Save Wine" button to add it to your list (as displayed above). You can access any wine on your list to make changes by viewing the details and tapping the "edit" button in the top right corner to apply your own rating and notes. 

But wait, there’s more…you can manually enter and save wines you come across outside of our app too!

Never Forget Another Bottle & Make a Shopping List

  • Launch the free Hello Vino App
  • Tap the “My Wines” Footer Icon
  • Tap the Add+ Button
  • Enter the name of the wine, vintage, and price (if applicable)
  • Slide across the stars to rate the wine you’re saving and add your personal notes
  • You can add wines to your Favorites, or your Wish List for future shopping
  • Share your wines with friends on Twitter & Facebook
  • Remember, hit the green Save button in the top right hand corner and you’re all good!

    With all of this great information at your fingertips, our app becomes a nifty holiday shopping assistant when you plan to pick up some wine for dinner, impress a date, give your boss a gift, or be the toast of the party.

    Speaking of the holidays, we have some wine gift suggestions in our Seasonal Event or Holiday section under Wine for an Occasion off the home screen.

    Does a friend or loved one prefer Snowy Whites that are frosty, fresh, and fruity? Perhaps a light and jolly red would be a good stocking stuffer? You can always go down the middle with sweet or dry cheer and view our recommendations for Rosé. We have wine recommendations for all tastes and flavors, ideas for Yankee Swaps or White Elephants, pairings for dinner, desserts, cheese and candy.

    December should be fun, and we’ll be raising a glass to you all month long.

    Happy Holidays,

    Hello Vino