Picking up wine tonight? We have a free app, and mobile coupons for you at stores nearby!

Are you heading to the store on your way home tonight to pick up some wine for a meal, specific occasion, or to sip and enjoy? Are you near a Raley’s, Bel Air, or Nob Hill? It would be cool if you are!

You may know this already, but if not, our free apps has been customized for Raley’s 124 retail locations throughout northern California and Nevada, which also include Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods stores. You can’t miss us in the wine aisles with the killer signage asking if we can help you out, and if you’re interested in some mobile coupons.

In a nutshell, we can give you mobile coupons, wine recommendations based on store inventory, the ability to save and rate wines you purchase, and the ability to snap a pic of a wine label for instant information on a bottle you’re curious about. We love it, and hope you do too!Raley’s is the first retailer to offer digital coupons through the Hello Vino app, delivering offers to shoppers’ mobile devices for easy redemption at checkout. In addition, image recognition technology in the iPhone app will allow shoppers to snap a picture of a wine label to instantly receive tasting notes, food pairings, and ratings from both professional critics and consumers.

Why this is cool if you shop at Raley’s, Bel Air, or Nob Hill…Wine brand recommendations provided by the app will reflect each individual store’s inventory, utilizing the mobile device’s location-based services.
  • Allow, or turn on your location (from your personal settings area on your mobile device) so our app knows what store you are in and we’ll do the rest!

Additional app features allow you to save and rate wines for future reference and return shopping trips. Enter your wine information, make a quick note, slide the stars to apply a rating, and share the goods with your friends on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to.

You can also use our wine label image recognition and snap a pic of a wine label you’d like to learn more about. We’ll give you the details on the wine including tasting notes, ratings, and reviews!

Inside scoop if you’re heading out shortly…

For the month of Decemember, Robert Mondavi Private Selection is being promoted and you can use these mobile coupons right now!

One of our fave wine for the holday season…
Robert Mondavi Private Selection - Promotion

Happy shopping, and have a great weekend.

Hello Vino