Basic Wine Gift Guidelines. A Couple Simple Rules & How We Can Help

During this holiday season, bottles will be purchased, bottles will be opened, and bottles will be given as gifts.

Nielsen Co. reported that 18% of total sales last year occurred between mid-November and early January, raking in $880 million dollars in wine sales! That’s a lot of vino, and we’ll certainly be part of the 2011-2012 number. Overall, a bottle of wine is an appropriate and thoughtful gift for your host or hostess and we have a free wine app that can help you pick the perfect bottle.

Here are some easy gift guidelines so you spend your money wisely, spread some cheer, and please palates.

Wine for Dinner?

Most hosts/hostesses will most likely have their wine planned out ahead of time to pair with the meal. However, if you are responsible for the wine, ask what’s on the menu and dig into "Wine with a Meal / Food" path in the free Hello Vino app and select a great bottle or two that compliments the meal.

Giving Wine as a Gift?

If you are purchasing wine for a good friend, your boss, or family member…try choosing a bottle you know they will enjoy. If you know what color wine they prefer, or tastes they are in to, you’re golden. Simply tap into our
"Wine by Taste Preference" path in our wine app, answers a few quick questions, and we’ll offer you some wine recommendations. 

If you are not familiar with the gift recipients wine tastes, a general rule to follow is to offer red wine in the winter and white wine in summer. Another good tasting note is to stay neutral by selecting wine with medium body.

Do You Open a Gift Wrapped Bottle?

There are many ways to signal that a bottle of wine is a gift. You can place the wine in a tall gift bag, wrap it up with tissue paper and tie it off with a ribbon, place a simple bow on it, or attach an accessory such as a custom wine stopper for a little something extra. This type of presentation generally means the wine is to be enjoyed by your host, or gift recipient at a later time. You are not obligated to open the wine that night. 

Don’t want to wait? That’s ok…simply ask if you should open this tonight or save it for later. This provides the host or gift recipient an out. 

Save & Remember

With all this great wine flowing during the holidays, and people sharing bottles they bring to parties and dinners, we’re sure you will want to remember certain ones so you can purchase them yourself down the line. Lucky for you, we can help you hear as well.

  • Launch the free Hello Vino App
  • Tap the “My Wines” Footer Icon
  • Tap the Add+ Button
  • Enter the name of the wine, vintage, and price (if applicable)
  • Slide across the stars to rate the wine you’re saving and add your personal notes
  • You can add wines to your Favorites, or your Wish List for future shopping
  • Share your wines with friends on Twitter & Facebook
  • Remember, hit the green Save button in the top right hand corner and you’re all good!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

Hello Vino