Shipping Wine Home…Don’t Ship It, Check It?

Have you been soaked with shipping charges when sending some wine to your home, a friend, or a family member? Maybe you tried to stuff your suitcase with a couple bottles of juice hoping they wouldn’t break and ruin your clothes. Perhaps you purposely purchased only a couple bottles when you would have loved to bring a case back home with you.

Well, if you’re purchasing wine after visiting a winery, while on vacation, or you want to bring some vino with you on a trip…here’s a simple way to travel with your favorite bottles.
We just stumbled upon The Wine Check, and I have to say, I may use this thing (and it’s a FAA-approved package).

Don’t Ship It……Check It!
The Wine Check is a safe, convenient, and economical way to transport up to one case (12 bottles) of wine to and from the airport, and check the bag with a full 12 bottles intact, while staying under the 50lb airline weight limit for luggage!

When full, The Wine Check weighs in under the typical 50-pound airline weight limit for checked bags. Obviously, if this is an extra checked bag when hopping a flight, odds are the airline with charge you. I guess you’ll have to determine if it’s better to pay for an extra checked bag, or ship the package to your house. Also, when The Wine Check is empty, you can collapse it for storage or easy transport. Not bad.

This seems so simple…just curious what costs you more - standard shipping to your door, or drop $59.00 for The Wine Check, and pay to check it at an airport.
We are curious, would you use a wine carrier like this?

Hello Vino